The permanent solutions we offer will repair damaged drains as well as being able to safely isolate sections of your drainage system, denying rats access to problem areas.

Many defects can be repaired using ‘no dig’ solutions, minimising disruption to your property.

Our drainage specialists have helped households, businesses, local authorities, Environmental Health departments, estate and letting agents, and pest controllers solve rat problems for good.

This drain survey was completed when noises were heard under the floor of a new extension. We accessed the inspection chamber for CCTV investigation, taking care not to damage the tiled floor.

drain inspection
drain inspection

A house in Bridgend had a long standing rat problem.

During our drain inspection we discovered someone had blocked a redundant pipe under the property with a plastic bag in an attempt to stop rats getting in the house through the drains.

The rats chewed through the bag and had continued entering the house through this pipe for years.

We performed a simple repair and the problem stopped.